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Autistic Savants = Savant Syndrome 



We aim at introducing the Autistic Savants to the Chinese societies.  So as to let more people understanding the neglected part of the autistic population.


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l  自閉譜系研究者達羅爾德·特萊菲醫生Dr. Darold Treffert1933-2020曾為美國“雨人” 電影上提供專業諮詢,並是首位深入研討學者症候群,以及自閉譜系其他方面的非凡成就和能力而聞名,他於20201214日享齡87歲在美國威斯康星州去世。  (更新日期:Jan. 23, 2021)

l  Dr. Darold Treffert (1933-2020), autism researcher who consulted on “Rain Man” and known for the celebration of the extraordinary achievements and abilities that come with the savant syndrome and other points on the autism spectrum was died on December 14, 2020 at the age o f87 in Wisconsin, United States.  (Updated Jan. 23, 2021)


“這次旅程促使我在探索可能存在人類不同形式或數量的潛能,包括我們在內,尋找並培養人類的潛能。” 羅爾德·特萊菲醫生(1933-2020)

“This voyage has prompted me to look for, and nurture, human potential in whomever it is found and in whatever form or quantity it exists, including within ourselves.” -- Darold Treffert, MD (1933-2020)


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